About US

The company’s effort began from 1997 having 22 years track of record of managers and founder members to present technical engineering services relating to Geosynthetics (Geomembrane, Geogrid, Geotextile, and etc). At the beginning, this company began to work in the name of PAM.CO engineering office. Because of activities expansion and necessity for presentation indicated technical engineering services to governmental organizations, critical projects in northwest of Iran and taking agency of home and abroad valid foreign companies, registered its name as Poshesh Andodeh Mohafez with brand name of( PAM.CO) with registration number 14920 in East Azerbaijan recorded office, and acquired it’s activity license.

Due to the government’s approach regarding the transfer of projects in the form of EPC + F, we also decided to identify and establish communication and conclude contracts with reputable European financiers to access the sources of financing, in which we financed the projects and This activity was added to the topics and activities of the company. In 1399, we succeeded in starting our activity in the field of project financing with a contract as a trusted company EKSIM GLOBAL LTD in Iran.

Certifications and certifications

Scope of activities

Supply, carry and execution of Geomembrane poly ethylene sheets of HDPE and LDPE types, smooth-smooth, black and blue colors for insulation of water transfer canals, agriculture water storage ponds, industrial and citizen waste water purification plant lagoons, artificial lakes and VLDPE Geomembrane with Signal Layer for insulation of types of tunnels, Metro stations and foundation of residential and commercial big buildings.

Calculating, designing, preparation of plans with particulars and executive details relating to insulation of structures types using Geomembrane polyethylene sheets, sealing of concrete structure types using resins and coating materials injection, reinforcement of weak soil beds, trenches, retaining wall, bridge ramps and overpasses using types of Geosynthetic materials such as Geogrid.

Calculation, design, preparation of maps with ……………..........

Consultation relating presentation of concrete mixture design and also presentation of concrete additives types such as types of super plasticizers, concrete air entrain, types of cement base and epoxy base Grouts, types of water proof and joint sealant tapes, P.V.C and hydrophilic water stops, types of join sealing mastics with poly urethane and bitumen bases, types of epoxy, poly urethane and poly urea coatings for coating of water, oil and gas transfer steel pipes and also industrial flooring.

Supply and presentation of types of Geogrid and Geotextile to reinforce weak soil beds ,consolidation of trenches, retaining walls, bridges ramp, underpasses and bog places of roadways, avenues, high- traffic autobahns and….

Designing and presentation of new methods for insulation of structures like diversion tunnels of dams, water transfer tunnels, road and citizen underpasses, railway line tunnels and Metro, drink watering storage concrete ponds and tanks, drinking water purification plant ponds and citizen waste water purification plant, culvert, gallery and overflow of dams, water transfer network siphons and other similar structures with type of coating materials and injection resins proper to wet environments having water leakage with high and negative pressures.